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AE and Reviewer Awards

Outstanding Associate Editor Award:

  • Nabil Simaan, Vanderbilt

Outstanding Reviewer Awards:

  • Tim Bailey, University of Sydney
  • Aude Billard, EPFL
  • Mario Fritz, MPI for Informatics
  • Sebastian Wrede, Bielefeld University

Best Manipulation Paper

Best Manipulation Paper Recipients


  • Mechanics and Manipulation of Planar Elastic Kinematic Chains, Zoe McCarthy and Timothy Bretl

Runners Up:

  • Tele-Impedance: Towards Transferring Human Impedance Regulation Skills to Robots, A. Ajoudani, N. G. Tsagarakis and A. Bicchi
  • Holonomic 5-DOF Magnetic Control of 1D Nanostructures, S. Schurle, K. E. Peyer, B. E. Kratochvil and B. J. Nelson
  • End-to-End Dexterous Manipulation with Deliberate Interactive Estimation, Nicolas Hudson, Thomas Howard, Jeremy Ma, Abhinandan Jain, Max Bajracharya, Steven Myint, Calvin Kuo, Larry Matthies, Paul Backes, Paul Hebert, Thomas Fuchs and Joel Burdick
  • Parallel Teleoperation of Holographic Optical Tweezers using Multi-touch User Interface, Kazuhisa Onda and Fumihito Arai

Best Vision Paper

Best Vision Paper Recipients


  • SeqSLAM: Visual Route-Based Navigation for Sunny Summer Days and Stormy Winter Nights, Michael J. Milford and Gordon Wyeth

Runners Up:

  • A Textured Object Recognition Pipeline for Color and Depth Image Data, Jie Tang, Stephen Miller, Arjun Singh and Pieter Abbeel
  • Active Object Recognition on a Humanoid Robot, Bjorn Browatzki, Vadim Tikhanoff, Giorgio Metta, Heinrich H. Bulthoff and Christian Wallraven
  • Automatic and Self-Contained Calibration of a Multi-Sensorial Humanoids Upper Body, Oliver Birbach, Berthold Bauml and Udo Frese
  • Online Egomotion Estimation of RGB-D Sensors using Spherical Harmonics, Philip R. Osteen, Jason L. Owens and Chad C. Kessens
  • Real-time Onboard Visual-Inertial State Estimation and Self-Calibration of MAVs in Unknown Environments, Stephan Weiss, Markus W. Achtelik, Margarita Chli

Best Automation Paper

Best Automation Paper Recipients


  • Force Controlled Robotic Assembly without a Force Sensor, Andreas Stolt, Magnus Linderoth, Anders Robertsson and Rolf Johansson

Runners Up:

  • Dual-Space Adaptive Control of Redundantly Actuated Parallel Manipulators for Very High Speed Applications With Load Changes, G. Sartori Natal, A. Chemori and F. Pierrot
  • Revised Force Control Using a Compliant Sensor with a Position Controlled Robot, Friedrich Lange, Claudius Jehle, Michael Suppa, and Gerd Hirzinger
  • A Real-Time Micro-PIV System Using Frame-Straddling High-Speed Vision, Motofumi Kobatake, Takeshi Takaki and Idaku Ishii

Best Medical Robotics Paper

Best Medical Robotics Paper Recipients


  • Metal MEMS Tools for Beating-heart Tissue Removal, Andrew Gosline, Nikolay V. Vasilyev, Arun Veeramani, MingTing Wu, Greg Schmitz, Rich Chen, Veaceslav Arabagi, Pedro J. del Nido and Pierre E. Dupont

Runners Up:

  • A MRI-Guided Concentric Tube Continuum Robot with Piezoelectric Actuation: A Feasibility Study, Hao Su, Diana C. Cardona, Weijian Shang, Alexander Camilo, Gregory A. Cole, D. Caleb Rucker, Robert J. Webster, III and Gregory S. Fischer
  • Visual and Force-Feedback Guidance for Robot-Assisted Interventions in the Beating Heart with Real-Time MRI, Nikhil V. Navkar, Zhigang Deng, Dipan J. Shah, Kostas E. Bekris and Nikolaos V. Tsekos
  • Magnetic Dragging of Vascular Obstructions by Means of Electrostatic and Antibody Binding, M. Khorami Llewellyn, P. Dario, A. Menciassi, and E. Sinibaldi
  • Integration and Preliminary Evaluation of an Insertable Robotic Effectors Platform for Single Port Access Surgery, Andrea Bajo, Roger Goldman, Long Wang, Dennis Fowler and Nabil Simaan

Best Service Robotics Paper

Best Service Robotics Paper Recipients


  • Fast Accessible Rescue Device by Using a Flexible Sliding Actuator, Hideyuki Tsukagoshi, Yotaro Mori and Ato Kitagawa

Runners Up:

  • Lost in Translation (and Rotation): Fast Extrinsic Calibration for 2D and 3D LIDARs, Will Maddern, Alastair Harrison and Paul Newman
  • A Dual-Use Visible Light Approach to Integrated Communication and Localization of Underwater Robots with Application to Non-Destructive Nuclear Reactor Inspection, Ian C. Rust and H. Harry Asada
  • Gravity-Independent Mobility and Drilling on Natural Rock Using Microspines, Aaron Parness, Matthew Frost, Nitish Thatte and Jonathan P. King
  • An Outdoor High-Precision Local Positioning System for an Autonomous Robotic Golf Greens Mower, Aaron D. Smith, H. Jacky Chang and Edward J. Blanchard

    Best Video Award

    Best Video Award Recipients


    • The Worm Turns... And Runs, Alexander S. Boxerbaum, Andrew D. Horchler, Kendrick M. Shaw, Hillel J. Chiel and Roger D. Quinn

    Runners Up:

    • Over-tube Apparatus for Increasing the Capabilities of an Articulated Robotic Probe, Amir Degani, Stephen Tully, Brett Zubiate and Howie Choset
    • Video Summary of D.R.O.P. The Durable Reconnaissance and Observation Platform, Clifford McKenzie and Aaron Parness
    • Demonstrations of Gravity-Independent Mobility and Drilling on Natural Rock Using Microspines, Aaron Parness, Matthew Frost, Jonathan P. King and Nitish Thatte
    • Automated Biomanipulation of Single Cells, Edward B. Steager, Mahmut Selman Sakar, Ceridwen Magee, Monroe Kennedy, Anthony Cowley and Vijay Kumar
    • Geo-Referenced 3D Reconstruction: Fusing Public Geographic Data and Aerial Imagery, Michael Maurer, Markus Rumpler, Andreas Wendel, Christof Hoppe, Arnold Irschara and Horst Bischof

    Best Cognitive Robotics Paper

    Best Cognitive Robotics Paper Recipients


    • The RoboEarth Language: Representing and Exchanging Knowledge about Actions, Objects, and Environments, Moritz Tenorth, Alexander Perzylo, Reinhard Lafrenz and Michael Beetz

    Runners Up:

    • Large-scale Semantic Mapping and Reasoning with Heterogeneous Modalities,      Andrzej Pronobis and Patric Jensfelt
    • Integrating Visual Processing and Manipulation for Autonomous Learning of Object Representations, Ales Ude, David Schiebener and Jun Morimoto
    • Describing and Classifying Spatial and Temporal Contexts with OWL DL in Ubiquitous Robotics, Antonello Scalmato, Antonio Sgorbissa and Renato Zaccaria
    • A Dependable Perception-Decision-Execution Cycle for Autonomous Robots, Stephan Gspandl, Siegfried Podesser, Michael Reip, Gerald Steinbauer and M. Wolfram

    Best Student Paper

    Best Student Paper Recipients


    • Transition from Mechanical Arm to Human Arm with CAREX: a Cable Driven ARm EXoskeleton (CAREX) for Neural Rehabilitation, Ying Mao and Sunil K. Agrawal

    Runners Up:

    • Rolling Tensegrity Driven by Pneumatic Soft Actuators, Yuusuke Koizumi, Mizuho Shibata and Shinichi Hirai
    • An Incremental Sampling-based Algorithm for Stochastic Optimal Control, Vu Anh Huynh, Sertac Karaman and Emilio Frazzoli
    • Digital Fabrication by Shape Duplication, Kyle Gilpin and Daniela Rus
    • Fault Detection and Isolation from Uninterpreted Data in Robotic Sensorimotor Cascades, Andrea Censi, Magnus Hakansson and Richard Murray

    Best Conference Paper

    Best Conference Paper Recipients


    • High Speed Microrobot Actuation in a Microfluidic Chip by Levitated Structure with Riblet Surface, Masaya Hagiwara, Tomohiro Kawahara, Toru Iijima, Yoko Yamanishi and Fumihito Arai

    Runners Up:

    • Efficient Scene Simulation for Robust Monte Carlo Localization using an RGB-D Camera, Maurice F. Fallon, Hordur Johannsson and John J. Leonard
    • Fast Accessible Rescue Device by Using a Flexible Sliding Actuator, Hideyuki Tsukagoshi, Yotaro Mori, and Ato Kitagawa
    • Micro-Assembly Using Optically Controlled Bubble Microrobots in Saline Solution, Wenqi Hu, Kelly A. Ishii and Aaron T. Ohta
    • State Estimation for Aggressive Flight in GPS-Denied Environments Using Onboard Sensing, Adam Bry, Abraham Bachrach and Nicholas Roy

    Award Committees

    Best Manipulation Paper Award (endowed by Ben Wegbreit)

    • Sidd Srinivasa (chair)
    • Tamim Asfour
    • Aaron Dollar
    • Kensuke Harada

    Best Vision Paper Award (endowed by Ben Wegbreit)

    • Jana Kosecka (chair)
    • Frank Dellaert
    • Tom Drummond
    • Jose Neira
    • Marc Pollefys

    Best Automation Paper Award (sponsored by UTRC)

    • Hyouk Ryeol Choi (chair)
    • Sunil Agrawal
    • Shinichi Hirai
    • Wes Huang
    • Micky Rakotondrabe

    Best Medical Robotics Paper Award (sponsored by Intuitive Surgical)

    • Jaydev Desai (chair)
    • Venkat Krovi
    • Ken Masamune
    • Sarthak Misra

    Best Service Robotics Paper Award (sponsored by KUKA)

    • Satoshi Tadokoro (co-chair)
    • Il Hong Suh (co-chair)
    • Paolo Fiorini
    • Martin Hagele
    • Giovanni Muscato
    • Radu Rusu
    • Gerald Steinbauer

    Best Video Award

    • Daniela Rus (chair)
    • Nancy Amato
    • Oliver Brock
    • Paul Newman

    Best Cognitive Robotics Paper Award (sponsored by CoTeSys)

    • Henrik Christensen (chair)
    • Aude Billard
    • Raja Chatila
    • Benjamin
    • Kuipers
    • Sukhan Lee
    • Yoshi Nakamura

    Best Student Paper Award (sponsored by UTRC)

    • Todd Murphey (chair)
    • Tim Bretl
    • Florent Lamiraux
    • Mike Stilman

    Best Conference Paper Award

    • Peter Corke (chair)
    • Joris DeSchutter
    • Lydia Kavraki