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Interactive Sessions

For the Interactive Session (I/S), each author is given 30-min, a large-screen LCD, and freedom to showcase work. Showcase examples could include traditional PPT slides, multimedia and/or demos. The I/S serves to encourage stimulating discourse between the authors and audience; something that is often more challenging to do in traditional 15-min Oral Sessions.

A single I/S Track is broken into 4 Sessions per day (Tue, Wed and Thr) in parallel with traditional Oral tracks.

Each I/S is 90-min with 5 LCDs (50" 1080p with 3xHDMI and 1xVGA). The first 30-min will allow 5 authors to present on their assigned LCD. The second 30-min will let the next round of 5 to present, and similarly for the third 30-min. Net effect, the session will host 15 interactive presentations. LCDs will be spread out to reduce cross-over noise etc, and thus allow small groups to form around each presenter.

The I/S Track will be held in RiverCentre Ballroom D.

The intent of I/S is not a "glorified" poster. Today's technologies affords content delivery in fresh ways including YouTube, social media and smartphone apps. I/S are steps in this direction and hopes to enrich the ICRA experience and RAS community.