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Recorded Videos and Slides of Talks

Videos and PowerPoint slides of many of the talks were recorded. Viewing requires Adobe Flash (version 9 or higher). Technical talks, tutorials and workshops can be viewed by those how registered for ICRA 2012, but will need one to sign up for a TechTalk ID. More details below.

Plenaries (Click Here - Public)

Workshops (Click Here - Login Required)

  • (Video)|(Abstract)|(URL) - Variable Impedance Actuators Moving the Robots of Tomorrow
  • (Video)|(Abstract)|(URL) - Bio-Bots
  • (Video)|(Abstract)|(URL) - Many-Robot Systems: Crossing the Reality Gap
  • (Video)|(Abstract)|(URL) - 7th Full-day Workshop on Software Development and Integration in Robotics (SDIR-VII)
  • (Video)|(Abstract)|(URL) - New design principles and frontiers for Wearable robotics
  • (Video)|(Abstract)|(URL) - Haptic Teleoperation of Mobile Robots: Theory, Applications and Perspectives
  • (Video)|(Abstract)|(URL) - Robotics and Performing Arts: Reciprocal influences
  • (Video)|(Abstract)|(URL) - Robotic Satellite Servicing
  • (Video)|(Abstract)|(URL) - 2nd Workshop on Semantic Perception, Mapping and Exploration (SPME)
  • (Video)|(Abstract)|(URL) - The Future of HRI|Paving the way to next generation of HRI
  • (Video)|(Abstract)|(URL) - Bio Assembler for 3D Cellular System Innovation
  • (Video)|(Abstract)|(URL) - Conditions for Replicable Experiments and Performance Comparison in Robotics Research
  • (Video)|(Abstract)|(URL) - Workshop on Long-term Autonomy II
  • (No Vid)|(Abstract)|(URL) - Pathways to Clinical Needle Steering: Recent Advances and Future Applications
  • (Video)|(Abstract)|(URL) - Stochastic Geometry in SLAM
  • (Video)|(Abstract)|(URL) - Modular Surgical Robotics: how can we make it possible?
  • (Video)|(Abstract)|(URL) - Industry-Academia collaboration in the ECHORD project: a bridge for European robotic innovation
  • (Video)|(Abstract)|(URL) - Semantic Perception and Mapping for Knowledge-enabled Service Robotics

Technical Talks (Click Here - Login Required)

Tutorials (Click Here - Login Required)

  • (Video)|(Abstract)|(URL) - Motion Planning for Dynamic Environments by Prof. Steve LaValle (UIUC)
  • (No Vid)|(URL)|(Abstract): Industry Track (AM) - "Advanced Modeling and Simulation Techniques for Multibody Robotic Systems," by Bonnie Yue, Maplesoft.
  • (No Vid)|(URL)|(Abstract): Industry Track (PM) - "How a Differential Equation Becomes a Robot," by Carlos Osorio, Mathworks.
  • (Video)|(Abstract)|(URL) - Advanced 3D Point Cloud Processing with Point Cloud Library by Dr. Rady Rusu (Willow Garage)
  • (Video)|(Abstract)|(URL) - Reinforcement Learning for Robotics and Control by Prof. Pieter Abbeel (UC Berkeley) and Prof. Jan Peters (TU Darmstadt)
  • (No Vid)|(URL)|(Abstract): "Robot Operating System (ROS): Core and Advanced Topics," lead by Christopher Crick (Brown) with presenters from the Brown RLAB, the University of Pennsylvania GRASP Lab, and Willow Garage.
: NB: Video recording permission form absent